Expositie paviljoens

AUE Pavillions - Kassel, Duitsland
(nu Museum de Paviljoens - Almere)
1992 - 1994
Architect: Robbrecht en Daem Architecten - Gent BE

The Aue pavilions were temporarily built for the hundred days of Documenta IX in Kassel and formed one of the components housing the contemporary art exhibitions. Visited by six-hundred-thousand people, the pavilions showcased the work of twenty-eight artists. The Building was situated in the extensive baroque park of Friedrichs' Aue's. A sequence of pavilions was grouped on an axis which extended tangentially to the park structure. The buildings were a crystallization of the various
successive zones which constitute the landscape. This was a low-budget construction with a temporary character built-up from an elementary steel structure of successive arched porticos. Raised up from the ground this light ephemeral edifice served as carrier for the illusory nature of painting - in some way defying gravity. The exterior walls consisted of light, profiled-steel sheeting with on the east side a continuous glazed wall. The paintings inside turned like signboards towards the landscape, towards the world.
Railway carriages strung together : the building as metaphor for transport, in particular for the nomadic situation of works of art that in the current set-up can find no permanent home. Displacement : also in the image of the metropolis, the underground train stranded in a romantic German landscape. A sort of inverse dynamic.
The Aue Pavilions were dismantled at the end of Documenta and the steel structure was transported to the Netherlands, where the entire edifice was reconstructed in Almere and once again serves as an art pavilion [see small images below]. The arrangement of the individual pavilions has altered and the building - now set against the artificial landscape of Flevoland - stands like a caravan park on the edge of the new centre of Almere. Once again the building resonates an informal temporariness.
[big images by Kristien Daem].
[zie ook de eigen website van Museum De Paviljoens]

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