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Vakantiehuis Chipperfield
Corrubeda - Galicie - Spanje
1996 - 2002
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects - Londen.

This house occuppies a gap in the main street of the small Galician village of Corrubedo. Sitting at the northern edge of a large protected bay on Spain's north west Atlantic coast, the site offers dramatic views out over the harbour and to the sea beyond. Unlike the other buildings along the harbour side which turn their backs to the sea, facing instead the enclosed spaces of the village, the house looks to exploit the views afforded by its location and orientate all of its internal spaces towards the ocean.
Looking to provide a sense of continuity, the house sits on a solid stone and concrete base, and its upper mass, like the neighbouring houses, is punctured by small windows. A large panoramic window, extending the full width of the house, provides all-encompassing views across the beach and harbour.

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