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Spears Residence - The Pink House
Miami Shores - Californie
Architect: Arquitectonica [Laurinda Spears - Bernardo Fort-Brescia] - Miami.

The Pink House, which sits at the edge of Biscayne Bay in the older Miami neighbourhood of Miami Shores, is intended as an urban house within a suburban context. Rigorously conceived as a study in different planes, the house is painted five shades of pink, ranging from deep near-red to pale pink, which heighten the illusionistic perspective of the house and define the series of planes. Pink was chosen because it seemed to be the most tropical of all colors and at the same time was rarely used.
Although the house was initially conceived as an object standing on his own, the west facade, facing the city, is scaled down; its dimensions diminish to relate to other houses on the street in almost mathematical cadence. The east facade, designed for long-distance viewing from Miami beach and the bay, is scaled so that it looms large. The approach is through a tropical grove - almost a tunnel - which opens to a geometric landscape with palm trees spaced regurlarly in a carpet of pavers. The house has a precise sequence: the facade, the courtyard, and then the rooms, each framing a different view of the bay. The house encloses a swimming pool, which, along with the living areas, is on the piano nobile, one level above the ground. The house is narrow - only 18 feet wide - to capture the see breezes and daylight.

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