Expositie paviljoens

Drijvend paviljoen Sonsbeek - Arnhem
(inmiddels afgebroken)
Architect: Wiek Röling - Haarlem (1936-2011)

The bed of the lake was unsuited to supporting foundations, so the pavilion floated catamaran-fashion. The parapets marked a distance from the works of art and allowed members of the public to lean while contemplating the sculpture. The multiple levels provided visitors with views of the works from different angles.
The pavilion was proportioned with a height equal to half the breadth, so that, together with its reflection in the water, the pavilion visually formed a perfect floating cube. The water thus made a surprising contribution to architecture.

After the recent death of the architect, there's an ongoing action to rebuild the pavillion, see www.wiekroling.nl

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